UK Sports Betting Industry Report – UPDATED

The online sport betting industry in the United Kingdom experienced a rapid growth in the last decade. In 2018, the online gambling industry generated an annual £4.7 bn gross yield. The main factor influencing the population’s increased desire to try such leisure activity is the technological progress that led to the popularization of mobile devices, and broader internet accessibility. People spend more time on their phones, or tablets, using them for work, and entertainment. A higher speed of internet connectivity resulted in such innovations as: betting during live events, and early cash-out. These reduce significantly the chance of loss, allowing the gamblers to judge the situation on spot, and withdraw their money, in case of risk. The technological adoption led people to use more often online transactions, and become more versed in this kind of payment. Also, the increased number of online gamblers was caused by a boost in social media advertising, and online marketing that heavily promote sport betting as a captivating and rewarding activity.

From 2016 to 2018 the primary frequency of UK consumers practicing online betting is once a week. In 2016, 28% of respondents said that they bet once a week, while by 2018, the number increased to 31%. Those claiming to be gambling online once a mouth were around 25%. At the same time, in 2018, 18% of survey participants said that they bet online 2+ days a week, which is 9 percentage points less than in 2017. Based on these survey’s results, one can speak of an active participation of UK consumers in online sport betting, with a regularity of at least once a mouth.

Over the last decade, the number of new remote gambling registrations in the UK grew rapidly, due to the technology advancements, and the appearance of a big number of new UK bookmakers on the market. As of 2018, there were around 36 million new registrations, marking a significant increase from 2016.

Based on the UK Sports Betting Industry Report, is the leader in the share of natural search voice in the United Kingdom among online gambling operators, as for March 2016. This website was voiced out in 41% of searches. The second most searched for website was, with a share of 29% of all voice records. Around 27% of searches targeted Other gambling websites with a high popularity were,, and with shares exceeding 20%. It is worth mentioning that since 2015, the British online gambling market has been dominated by a group of 7 operators that share together over 80% of the industry. It leaves few chances to other 100 minor operators that share only 17%.

The number of remote betting customer accounts in the UK increased dramatically, comparing to 2008. Intense internet promotion, coupled with new possibilities in online betting that are not provided by physical operators, such as: live streaming, instant cash-out, and live betting, led to a spike in the number of those who prefer to create an account on gambling websites. In 2018, the number of customer accounts reached 33.5 million, which exceeds the 2008 record in times. Taking into account that each online gambler bets once a week, on average, the annual gross yield in the UK from this type of activity reaches a whooping £4.7 bn, making the United Kingdom the country with the largest online gambling market.